Syrian Refugee Project

Refugee Family Update

All 11 churches in the Inter Church Refugee Committee have been holding fundraisers and collecting and storing household goods since January. We have sufficient funds and enough furniture to furnish a whole house. Once the family actually arrives we can make known any specific needs. We have sub-committees set-up with volunteers from each of the churches. Once the family arrives these sub-committees are ready to go into action.

Although the wait has been long the Inter-Church Committee has not been idle. We have sponsored two education evenings for ourselves and others. As well we have responded to the great need for sponsors by agreeing to sponsor a single refugee from Africa in addition to a Syrian family. Our most recent endeavour spearheaded by the chair, Shane Judge, is video contest “Why I Love Thunder Bay”. Details at

After initial disappointments – first when we did not have a family assigned before the government’s closing date in February and then when the Syrian family we were eventually assigned did not get the necessary medical clearance – we now have a family.
Saeid Arroub and his wife Hikampt have three girls Hanan, age 10; Fatima, age 8; Ritaj, age 6; and one boy Kahled, age 4. The children have been able to continue their schooling and Saeid has worked as a welder in Syria. They have advanced to the next stage in the Canadian Government visa office so it could be just a matter of weeks until their arrival. We are very excited and will keep you informed.

The hard-working, happy members of the Interchurch Refugee Committee
The hard-working, happy members of the Interchurch Refugee Committee