Shingai Elizabeth Chada is here!

Come to St. Paul’s worship service this Sunday morning at 10:30 to meet, see and listen to our special guest, Shingai. Her family has a fascinating history her at St. Paul’s that you will hear a little bit about as well. Here is a little bio you might like to check out!

SHINGAI…  (pronounced shin-guy)  her name means have courage/persevere and she is an artist who has had the courage to face the very best and worst of times and use her history as the backdrop for her art. 

Raised in Harare, Zimbabwe (Africa),  SHINGAI learned to love music.  Throughout her school years SHINGAI honed her vocal and performing skills in a cappella groups, church choirs, wedding solo gigs, and on a professional level, providing lead and back- up vocals for national and international TV and radio jingles. She left Zimbabwe in 1996 for Canada to pursue a college education.  In 1997, SHINGAI participated and won the Youth Talent Search at the Western Fair in London, Ontario and went on to represent South Western Ontario at the National Youth Talent Search in Toronto.  It was evident then, as it is evident now that her talent is world class and enjoyed by many.

Her debut album, SAVED, was released in September, 2017 and has attracted attention in Canada, The United States, England, Australia and South Africa. Fans have shared the impact that her music has had, calling it “warm, healing, powerful and beautiful.”  Music helped SHINGAI in her journey of healing from painful childhood trauma and her experiences in her life have enabled her to relate to many different people and audiences.  She has stories to tell and music is the avenue by which she shares.  SHINGAI is an artist who has the courage to face her past, forge a new path and boldly share her talents with the world.

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