Christmas Eve Communion Service

Cyndy Raby and Diana Hannaford-Wilcox are sending you this Candlelight Christmas Eve Communion Service.
Before you click on the YouTube link, remember to have your own communion elements ready so you can partake.

We would like to thank Richard and Ruth Kamo, Sandra Cosbey, Kim Fuzzen, Jill Schutte, Carly Martin and Karyn Bailey for helping to put together all of the hymns for this service.

A special thank you to Rev. Rob Smith for the communion service.

We would also like to thank the choir members and musicians. Creating the hymns is not possible without the voices of these amazing and courageous people.

Lastly, thank you to you, the congregations, for sending in pictures and videos so we could see your faces. This year has brought forward more challenges than we thought possible and we miss each others smiles, hugs and companionship.
To you I say, peace be with you and may God wrap you in hope, peace, joy and love this holiday season.

Stay safe and know that God is with you.
Love and blessings,
Diana Hannaford-Wilcox & Cyndy Raby

** Please forward this link to anyone you think might appreciate coming to this Christmas Eve service.

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